Göttingen Handel Festival Presents Live Concerts And More



In May, Handel is usually heard on every corner in Göttingen and the surrounding area. International artists and visitors swarm in to enjoy top-quality live events. Due to the ongoing pandemic, it will remain impossible to perform live in front of an audience this May, and so the Festival has been postponed to September 9-19, 2021. To help shorten the wait for the public, the Digital Festival will take place from May 13 to 24, 2021.
"May is, and will continue to be, Festival time" says Managing Director Tobias Wolff. "For us and all those involved, the Digital Festival is like a sign of life in many respects: We want to offer a virtual stage to the artists. We also aim to further explore digital formats and stay in touch with our audiences."
The Göttingen International Handel Festival has been able to gain a first-class partner in the form of the streaming portal IDAGIO. "This enables us to offer both free and priced events. After all, culture is of value. And we don't want to peddle it away," adds Wolff.
In the IDAGIO Global Concert Hall, the Göttingen International Handel Festival will present selected concerts, readings and talks about Handel, many of them live. These will include the two ensembles Palisander and Cembaless, both part of the EU's EEEMERGING+ programme for promoting young musicians. The renowned soloists Sophie Rennert and Christopher Ainslie will each showcase their skills in recitals. Tobias Wolff has also invited some interesting guests for the talks, including audience favourite and mezzo-soprano Emily Fons and musicologist Prof. Dr. Laurenz Lütteken, who will discuss pandemics in Handel's time. All Handel Talks can be viewed free of charge on the Festival's YouTube channel @haendelfest.
Tickets go on sale May 7, 2021 on the Festival website and on IDAGIO. The full program can then be found at



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