Paid membership site?'s had become a member is free. You can make better use of our services as a member.  
Do I need to be a member to place an order?  
You must be a member to order.
Where delivery is made?  
All in Turkey
What ways can I pay?  
You can make your payment via credit card or bank transfer. 
Transfer / you prefer to pay by EFT is not the date of the order date of the receipt of your order processing, remittance / EFT is history that reaches our account. Payment within 1 week of receipt of the order is canceled.   
Upon request of the shipping costs of the bank transfer, it is the customer's expense. 
How soon will I receive my order?  
Your order you place the normally from the date of receipt processing, shipping address in Istanbul and in the city 600 km from Istanbul 1-4 business days, if all the other cities are delivered within 2-5 business days. International shipments are delivered within 12-14 business days.
Not the date of the order date in which the processing of the order, the collection is made by credit card or wire transfer to our account is the date of receipt. 
If the product you have ordered are in stock, you will receive detailed information by e-mail, and you will be notified when your product can be delivered. 
How will I receive my order delivered?  
You have indicated your order "Delivery Address" will be tried by our shipping company. Sound of your package during delivery, do not forget to check that you have not turned on. Have detected that you do not accept the package is damaged during delivery, please report to the shipping company secure element.Then, send a fax Minutes No. 0216 326 3920, report on the status of address via e-mail. 
Starting to work on the Andante team orders will ensure that as soon as repeated delivery. 
Your credentials shipping company upon delivery personnel of a "Delivery Form" is written and signed.  
What if it does not find anyone at the address where delivery company sent my order?  
No delivery address in the delivery company will leave you a news paper in the door with a phone and can not find the address information can be contacted. You can get a time zone can request your order be brought again or go in person to the address you provide shipping company you by calling the telephone number to deliver your order from the relevant branch.  
Is Included KDV the product price?  
All that is being sold is included in the price of the KDV Andante magazine.  
Do you send invoices?  
"Delivery Note" and "Invoice" will be sent to the address you specify together. May be different from the address to send the address of your order will be sent to your bill depending on your preference (eg: in the present order), then the order "Delivery Note" with the delivery address, invoice will be sent to the invoice shipping address you specify.
How can I send a gift?  
Your order while "Delivery Address" What person you want to send your gift's name and surname and address, "Billing Address" What is your order when you write your own name and surname and address of the person you want to gift, and the invoice will be sent to you. 
If you wish you can make a gift package your order, you can add special notes you want to forward these issues would be to simply send an e-mail'y and gift packages will be prepared. And you are not also charge a fee for it. 
Returns Procedure  
Remove the bag from the magazine that you purchase, you can return it within 7 days from the date of stating the reasons delivered from the destruction and re-sold without damaging the product. Returns must be made with the original packaging. Packaging is opened, used, do not accept return my magazine destroyed. Magazine and in the packaging of any opening, distortion and fracture, destroy, tear, use cases like where detected and magazines Failure to return the state at the time of delivery to the magazine's customer / magazines can not be returned and are non-refundable fee. The shipping fee be refunded in case that the magazine will be paid by the customer in accordance with the above requirements.  
How do you ensure the security of my credit card information?  Give your credit card information that you have used in your order is in no way kept within the Andante. You have given your credit card information when you order your credit card is encrypted with 128-bit SSL encryption system, which will be communicated to the Bank and to authorize the information you provide is traded only by the credit card payment system, Garanti Bank.  
What is CVC2?  
Three-digit security number is written on the back of your credit card. In addition to your 16-digit credit card number is stolen and fake credit card numbers, security measures have been developed against the purchase transaction.  
Who works with the Andante?  
Software: Novabis
Hosting: Natro
Shipment: Aras Kargo  
Payment Processing: Garanti Bank sanalpos Systems
Security: Comodo
How do I advertise on'y?'s also an advertisement to make it work or simply send an email to the address you want to learn our ad rates. We will contact with you soon.  
PRIVACY POLICY'y member while and order name that you specify your personal information while-name, e-mail address, mailing address, credit card information, your order information will not be given to other people and organizations.  
Do you use your credit card information that you provide in order to is no way to keep the Andante site.  
You have given your credit card information when you order your credit card is encrypted with 128-bit SSL encryption system, which will be communicated to the Bank and to authorize the information you provide is traded only by the credit card payment system, Garanti Bank. 
All information you provide to members, while only you can change. Someone else to change the information about you is not possible. If you send an e-mail stating that you want to unsubscribe when you want to address will no longer registered membership.

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