Reşide Ahu Ünalp

Born in 1974 in Bursa, Reşide Ahu Ünalp studied Computer Programming at Boğaziçi University, then Latin and Greek Literatures at Ankara University. Later on, due to her deep interest in music, she started a career in the music market. While importing albums and hi-fi music equipment, she has also published a large number of articles in various magazines and newspapers. In 2002, she started to improve her knowledge in the field of analog records and studied Sound and Recording Technologies with Doruk Öztürkcan who is a lecturer at Bilgi University Music Department. Afterwards she went to Norway and participated in the album recording sessions of the group called Tamburada as a producer. Being one of the co-founders of Mikrop Gramofon, a company giving a new impulse to album sales in Turkey since 2005, Ünalp has been working in the organization committee of the Andante Magazine Donizetti Classical Music Awards Ceremony, annually held since 2009. Furthermore, having served as the Andante magazine’s Editor-in-Chief between August 2012-January 2014, Ünalp continues to work for the Andante as a Executive Director.

Akçaağaç Sok. Görhan Apt. No: 1/1A Acıbadem Üsküdar / İSTANBUL | T: 0532 343 9328 | F: 0216 326 39 20