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J.S.Bach: Sonatas & Partitas for Solo Violin (Vol. 2) * *
Isabelle Faust (violin)
Harmonia Mundi
The decorations in the Adagio of the Sonata in G-minor, or elsewhere, are mere rushed details. Such begins the CD and goes on, where Faust relies on the harmonics. All is not bad totally, but there is an indecisiveness on whether this is a period performance on gut strings or not. The eclectic sounding style leans more towards the period style with the almost extinct use of vibrato, but the performance lacks gravity and, as in the Presto of the same sonata, the rush leaves no room for giving Bach the room for the significance of many passages. The doubles in the B-minor Partita are what work well, and here you can see Faust is a thinking and creative artist, but this is small compensation since the masterpiece starts in wavy fashion with so  many dynamic changes and note values altered that the Allemande remains only a personalised form of dance and not one of the greatest concert pieces ever written. Well, perhaps Bach did not intend it that way anyway, but Faust’s admirable enjoyment and losing herself in the dance is not what this movement is about, in my conservative taste. The A-minor sonata is perhaps the best performed piece on the CD, especially the first movement which is full of tension, but only marginally, and by the time it is reached, the disappointment is already there. This is not a CD easy to like, even for the fans of period instruments.

Feyzi Erçin



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