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Dominique Hoff sung, played and danced



The French Mezzo-Soprano and narrator Dominique Hoff has been organising the narrative concerts since 2006. Schumann was the first composer of this creative project and every poem of the lied is translated and then narrated by Dominique for each composer. This idea “expressing every lied by singing, playing and dancing” makes this event “theatrical”. Without a doubt, this could be a very easy way to communicate with the public. When I saw the title of the concert and imagined the narrative way that she uses to perform, I did not hesitate to go and see her performance.
The setting was glorious; the historical building was an old post office centre in 17th century, now it became an artist studio which is used by choreographers, dancers and the musicians for the concerts and the spectacles. The concert on 12 March was given by Dominique Hoff and the pianist Justine Verdier and Richard Strauss was the composer of this season. Even though the transcription of the lieds were for mezzo-soprano, the performance of Dominique was stunning. She began with Strauss’s “Freundliche Vision”. The lied that we heard in Schwarzkop version many times and all audience was engaged with her music by the aid of the purity in her voice. After a well-known lied of Strauss, she continued to perform and play 12 lieds of the same composer with the same success. “Die Wasserrose”, “Das Rosenband” and “Die Nacht” were the three pieces particularly expertly performed by the singer. Solemn and controlled, “Morgen” was the highlight of the concert and she waited until the last moments of the concert to impress the audience with her excellent performance.
The choice of the program was also good and organised, and the concert was remarkable. Taking reference the sweet concept which was delivered by Hoff on the first concert, I would gladly recommend the next concert of the artist to everyone, which will be on the 30th May 2015 again at The Studio Le Regard du Cygne in Paris. 



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