Musical Bach, that is non-glamourous, full of nuance



Bach: English Suites by Piotr Anderszewski * * *
Piotr Anderszewski (piano)
Recorded in the Philharmonic Concert Hall (Warsaw)
Warner Classics

Anderszewski is a thoughtful, hard-working pianist and he shows that in every measure of these three Bach suites. There is nothing showy here; neither the accentuated, rhythmic approach of Pogorelich, or the idiosyncrasy of Gould for that matter, and nor the more meditative interpretation of Richter with a deep sonority. You will not find the exaggerated Baroque style either. But there is plenty of the musicality and gentleness that Bach’s piano music needs. The dialogue in the “Prelude” of the Thirds Suite is delivered in an impeccable tone, in the simplicity of “Les agreements de la même Sarabande” yet with a subtly different tone than the previous “Sarabande” which is cleverly done and both “Gavottes” are charming with kindly performed embellishments. There is sweetness abound in the First Suite, well placed in the middle of two more dramatic suites, carefree of the numeric order. Similarly, the Fifth Suite is played on a more dramatic reading then the Third yet both are distinguished also by a variety of tone and colour. This recording is not for those who seek an ostentatious Bach reading with temperament but provide for a better understanding of the beauties of the music of the Master.
Feyzi Erçin



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