A brief backstage talk with Patricia Kopatchinskaja



We talked with Patricia Kopatchinskaja before their “Chamber Music with Stars” Concert at Istanbul Music Festival.

By Sanat Deliorman
Could you describe your musical connection with Sol Gabetta and Polina Leschenko? I saw you in the rehearsals. You are like three sisters!
Yes, I think we are like three sisters. I’ve played a lot with Sol since we were 20. We’ve always dreamt about a third person who could play with us, not only to support but also to inspire us. Also this third person would provoke and bring new views. In short we dreamt about a wizard on the piano. And finally we found that wizard. It is Polina Leschenko! Now we, these three crazy women, are put together and this is amazing. We have a lot of fun together. Though we don’t have much time to practice together, we enjoy everything and every pause in the music. Then the music starts living in our souls. We found a way to play the old music in a very spontaneous way, so what we play becomes contemporary. The music we do is very intensive and it feels right that way. This is actually our first concert and I want so much to play again and again, more and more with this trio.

As far as we heard you were also composing pieces when you were young… Have you ever thought of recording them?
Once I find them good enough, I can play and record them, but right now I don’t want to bother my friends or the musical world with my music, while there are so many new composers who need their music to be played. I think it is enough for me to stay intimate with my ideas.
But wouldn’t you think of publishing them in a viral way, instead of commercially?
Yes maybe…
Are you still composing?
Yes sometimes.
What made Vladimir Jurowski the right music partner for you when recording the Prokofiev and Stravinsky violin concertos ?
He is a conductor who takes this solo concerto very seriously. He works on this solo concerto, as serious and as intensive as he does on a symphony. He is a great analyzer. He knows exactly what he wants and what he sees. So it is always very interesting to discuss with him to reach the mutual result and vision and it is very enriching to play with him. The music becomes multi-layered. Then one can play with the orchestra as doing chamber music. And he is very precise and very clear. It becomes, let’s say, a very personal dialogue among him and me and the orchestra.
Are there any new projects on the way with Fazıl Say? Maybe in long term?
In long term, I’m sure we’ll play again together. The work I’ve done with him was so strong. It gave me a life-long impulse. I adore him and his playing. I’m not only a friend but also a great fan of him. Even if I don’t play with him, I always listen to his playing. And I am very happy to be one of his musical partners. I think it is so good that the world has this kind of a musician and composer.

Concert photos by Ali Güler




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