Interviews of true musical friendship
With weekly surprises... 
Becoming a classical music artist is no easy job. And living a life that way is an enduring task. They have a crazy working tempo and they travel from one city to another or from one country to the other. And apart from their talent, virtuosity and achievements, there is something very precious these people have in abundance, yet desparately miss a lot.
Their friends!
No matter how easily accessible these friends are through social networks or online dial-up programmes, in the midst of that crazy working tempo how many musicians can have time to see their old musician friends with whom they once shared so much and maybe with whom they have laid the first stones of their musical identity?
If they are lucky enough, they can bump into each other in a concert tour or can text each other through facebook or just click a digital LIKE button. But when was the last time they really saw each other?
In the following videos, you will see some surprising answers to this question!
We should admit, many a time interviews –apart from their primary function of informing music lovers– happen to be held for career or sales-boosting purposes, thus they are usually hampered with self-control and safely-memorized utterances.
But in the SAY HELLO TO MUSIC project, you will see the classical music artists in a way you have never seen before.
In these little humble videos of SAY HELLO TO MUSIC project, you will see the beating hearts of musicians, as they are receiving a surprise video message from an old musician friend saying hello to them and as they say hello back to these friends.
These musicians will talk on the screen when sitting at home in their daily clothes, or when practicing hours before a festival concert, maybe just before hitting the road for Istanbul or maybe when badly sick due to some seasonal flu... But I guarantee, you will see lots of smiles...

How does the project work?
We will have several chains of messages here. Each chain will start with one musician saying hello to a much missed musician friend. Then that friend will say hello back and will pick another friend to say hello. Each week one message and the response to it –seasoned with petty information on artists’ friendship history and maybe some photos and supplementary videos– will be published.
Via the SAY HELLO TO MUSIC project, I hope to rebuild a network of true musical friendship across the world and make it shine on these pages.

And I would like to send my special thanks to Andante magazine and to its editor in chief, Serhan Bali, for welcoming and hosting this project in this portal!

Lastly many many many thanks to the musicians who with all their sincerity have contributed and will contribute to this new network and thanks to my old friend Münire Bozdemir who has always stood by me.

Stay with music and stay with love....
Sanat Deliorman 




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