Piano Concertos by Boyle and Hill



Piano Concertos by Boyle and Hill
Piers Lane, piano
Hyperion 0034571281353
To be introduced to these unknown romantic piano concertos and a sonata is a marvellous experience. It is only through the experience of these lesser known works of early 20th century that we can truly appreciate the development and rise, or demise, of classical music in the previous century. The Australian composer George Boyle’s Piano Concerto in D-minor is definitely not a big achievement and appears to be a pastiche of material available at the beginning of 20th century, but has some enjoyable moments, though never too interesting… His compatriot Alfred Hill is represented by a piano concerto and a piano sonata, but actually both are the same pieces, as rearranged by the composer. The quality is no different than Boyle’s and even more eclectic, Orchestration and balance between instruments is problematic, the last movement being almost plain ugly at times (though, as is the third movement, much better in the solo version). Yet it is not without interest that one listens to the work(s).… All pieces are performed well by pianist Piers Lane, although by the less than difficult musical nature of the pieces, nothing can be said about the quality of the interpretations, other than giving huge credit for allowing us to hear these historically mentionable pieces. I doubt if I will want to return to these CD's, but it is a bonus to have it in a discography, if you are keen on the romantic era.

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