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Amadeus, the Milos Forman classic that tells the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart through the eyes of Antonio Salieri, was a film that gained great acclaim, winning 8 Oscars in 1985 including Best Picture and Best Director, as well as 4 BAFTA Awards and 4 Golden Globes. The incredible story of the legendary composer is brought to life in Zorlu PSM on 24 and 25 February 2017 with Movies In Concert: Amadeus, which features a unique live performance of the sublime music that accompanies the screening of the film. We interviewed conductor Ludwig Wicki about the Amadeus Live...


You will be conducting the Amadeus Live concert in Zorlu PSM on February 24th and 25th. As a baroque trombonist and conductor, how have Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the Amadeus film affected your life?

They have been very imporant in different ways. First of all, I played this music many times with an orchestra, then I regularly sung the Mass and the Requiem as a choir member and finally, I could conduct all of this music. The film is a new way to see the life of Mozart. For me, it was not imporant if everything was correct or not. It was a very intimate view I got from Mozart - the very wild side and his beautiful temperament.

You had previously conducted the The Lord of The Rings in Concert event in Zorlu PSM. How do you feel about Movies in Concert being as popular as it is in Turkey, and furthermore, that the upcoming events are awaited with such enthusiasm?

I’m very happy that this new concert style is appreciated in Turkey. I was one of the early conductors to create this medium and I’ve always thought that the classical orchestras have to open their repertoire to reach a new and a broader audience. For me, it is a great balance to the classical music I often also conduct.

Have you always been interested in film soundtracks? Can you remember which soundtrack inspired you to become involved in film music?

I found a recording of Ennio Morricone when I was 15 years old. This sound was fascinating for me and since then I’ve been a lover of movie music.

How was it like conducting the first live Lord of the Rings premiere?

I was involded with Howard Shore in the creation process, and this was a gift and a challenge. Then, it was a truly special feeling to conduct this first premiere. It was fantastic that Howard Shore was with me in the rehearsals and I could learn a lot from him about his music.

You also teach conducting and chamber music at the conservatories in Lucerne and Bern. Has teaching influenced the way you conduct?

Teaching has always influenced my musical life. Through this process, I’ve learned how to think differently about the material. It’s a new view.

Are there any other genres for which you'd like to conduct for, other than the ones you've already explored?

One dream would be to conduct an opera. I grew up in a opera orchestra and I Iove this genre.

And last but not least, do you want to pass on a message to our readers who are excited for Amadeus Live?

I love this movie because the choice of the music is amazing. It’s like Mozart has writen a score for this film. I enjoy the film every time I conduct and the music is very deep. I hope you get the same feelings.

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