Leipzig Bach Festival kicks off on June 8th



The 2018 Bach Festival will focus on Bach’s cyclical works, in addition to which Bach’s compositions will be performed in cyclical form. More than 160 events are programmed between June 8 and 17, many of them at historic Bach venues, such as the churches of St. Thomas and St. Nicholas in Leipzig. The »2018 Leipzig Ring of Cantatas« will give audiences the opportunity to experience a complete liturgical year on the opening weekend: in the space of 48 hours, 33 selected religious cantatas by Bach will be sung in a total of ten concerts in Bach’s churches in Leipzig, St. Thomas and St. Nicholas. The world’s leading Bach interpreters and their ensembles will be performing: Ton Koopman, Hans-Christoph Rademann, Thomaskantor Gotthold Schwarz and Masaaki Suzuki, as well as Sir John Eliot Gardiner, President of the Leipzig Bach Archive.



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