Andante 1st Donizetti Classical Music Awards



Composer of the Year - Fazıl Say

Pianist of the Year - Fazıl Say

Performer of the Year / String Instrument- Cihat Aşkın (violin)

Performer of the Year / Wind Instrument - Bülent Evcil (flute)

Orchestra of the Year - Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra

Conductor of the Year - Rengim Gökmen

Chamber Music Ensemble of the Year - Borusan String Quartet

Opera and Ballet Institution of the Year - İzmir State Opera and Ballet

Male Opera Performer of the Year - Bülent Bezdüz (tenor)

Female Opera Perfomer of the Year - Feryal Türkoğlu (soprano)

Opera Director of the Year - Mehmet Ergüven

Dance Group of the Year - Zeynep Tanbay Dance Project

Male Dancer of the Year - Kadir Okurer (Ankara State Opera and Ballet)

Female Dancer of the Year - Burcu Olguner (İzmir State Opera and Ballet)

Music Director of the Year - Rengim Gökmen

Choral / Vocal Ensemble of the Year - Ministry of Culture State Polyphonic Choir

Concert Hall of the Year / Culture Center - İş Sanat

Classical Music Event of the Year - International Istanbul Music Festival

Classical Music Event of the Year - Siemens Opera Competition

Music Education Institution of the Year - Bilkent Faculty of Music and Performing Arts

Music Trainer of the Year - Dilbag Tokay (cello)

Music Publisher of the Year - Pan Yayıncılık

Music Store of the Year - Lale Plak

Record Production Company of the Year - A.K.Music

Lifetime Achievement Award - İlhan Usmanbaş

Music Education Honor Award - Edip Günay

Releasing Young Musician of the Year (Under 30) - Fora Baltacıgil (double bass)

Releasing Young Musician of the Year (under 17) - Elvin Hoxha Ganiyev (violin)




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