18th Kompolize Winter 2021



The Lietzeorchester and psophos’ International Composition Competition offers contemporary composers the opportunity to introduce their work to a larger audience and to gain experience with a full symphonic ensemble. Submissions must be new symphonic pieces and must fulfill the following criteria in order to be eligible for consideration: 


* Maximum orchestration: Symphony orchestra (, timp, perc, str). Pieces for a larger group of players (soloist(s), live electronics, etc.) may also be submitted with prior notice. Please include a list specifying the instrumentation. 

* The length of the piece should be between 5 and 15 minutes. 

Any non-musical content, such as programs or texts which describe the composition must be submitted as well. 

* The composition shall not have premiered elsewhere. No performance of the work is allowed prior to the competition premiere. The orchestra shall not pay royalties to any third-party copyright holder. 

* The score should be in DIN A3 or DIN A4 format. Poorly legible (i.e. too small) scores will be excluded from consideration. 

* The musical and technical skills demanded by the composition must correspond to the abilities of an ambitious amateur orchestra. Selection parameters are also based on the playability of the submission. 

* Attempts to establish contact with the artistic director and/or the musicians of the Lietzeorchester in reference to a submission will result in immediate exclusion from the competition. 

* Each participant may submit only one musical work per competition semester. A single work may be submitted a maximum of two competition semesters. 

* Members of the Lietzeorchester and their affiliates are excluded from participating. 
If nominated, the composer must be able to deliver legible and playable parts by the end of August 2020 (PDF or in printed form). Scores must contain all necessary dynamics and 2/2 phrasing, as well as numbered measures and musical notations. Submissions must adhere to the following conditions: 

Agreement that the work be performed and recorded by the Lietzeorchester e.V. Berlin. 

* Presence of the composer at one rehearsal and one concert (applicants are responsible for his/her own travel and accommodation costs). 

* Provision of an introduction and explanation of the piece in the concert pamphlet. 

* Consent that the parts be sent digitally to the musicians. 

* Communication shall be conducted in German or English. 

All living composers are eligible. The submissions will be received by the psophos agency, made anonymous and then presented to a jury, which will comprise active members of the Lietzeorchester e.V. Berlin. Submissions will not be returned. 
psophos and the Lietzeorchester have a vested interest in receiving submissions by female composers, as competition submissions have been disproportionately male to date. 
Deadline for submissions is 30 April 2020. The results will be announced July 2020. The jury's decision is not contestable and all decisions are final. The premiere of the selected piece will take place in February 2021 in Berlin. For those interested in participating, please send: 

* one printed score template or one digitized copy of the score (PDF) 

* a list specifying the instrumentation 

* and, if possible, a computer-generated recording 
post: psophos, Havelberger Str. 8, 10559 Berlin, Germany 
online: Kompolize Upload at 
email: (attachment may not be larger than 10MB) 

The Lietzeorchester Berlin (e.V.) 
The Lietzeorchester was founded by Hanno Bachus in 1991 with the support of Prof. Peter Schwarz. For almost 30 years, music students and dedicated amateur and professional musicians alike have come together in this ensemble. Over the years, the self-managed orchestra has accumulated a total of 90 musicians and performs concerts at the conclusion of the university semester. The orchestra is a non-profit organization. The repertoire spans from classical to modern, especially 20th century pieces. 
The German version of this call for submissions should be considered definitive. Translations are without guarantee. 



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