Classical:NEXT 2020 will take place between 18-21 May



Classical:NEXT 2020 will take place as planned from 18 - 21 May 2020 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In recognising the concerns surrounding COVID-19, we remain dedicated to realising the art music scene's global gathering, with no plans to postpone the event. Classical:NEXT will remain informed and make announcements accordingly. In the meantime, the Programme continues to come together in preparation of the ninth edition.
Standing for the unification of the global art music scene, Classical:NEXT enables it to work collectively, effectively and with increasing relevance in today's ever-changing society.
Classical:NEXT continues to look forward to all Asia-focused Programme features and continues to support all members of the art music ecosystem.
Ahead of the Early Rate Deadline, Classical:NEXT is proud to reveal the full Showcase Programme, with the now finalised Club Showcases, along with the Jury-selected Project Pitches. Keep reading for further information. The Early Rate ends Friday, 6 March 2020 at midnight (CET).
In addition to the Daytime and Evening Showcases, Classical:NEXT presents specially curated Club Showcases. Eleanor Ward, freelance creative producer and consultant, and Jan Hiddink, programme manager at WORM, as this year's curators, were tasked with finding the acts who will take to the stage late-night at WORM. The Club Showcases will perform on Tuesday and Wednesday evening, 19 & 20 May 2020, in the intimate and relaxed atmosphere, with performances from selected DJs in between acts.
This year's Club Showcases are: Neo Electric Quartet (Poland) Evelien van den Broek/Biophonica (The Netherlands) Lotte Pen (The Netherlands) along with DJs: Darius Darek (Poland/Germany)  Nonclassical DJs: Nathan Comer & Gabriel Prokofiev (United Kingdom)
Classical:NEXT Project Pitches are targeted, fast-moving opportunities for creators and those on the lookout for new creations, a ‘seek and find’ for collaboration and inspiration. With 10 minutes each, the format allows representatives from ensembles, music theatre productions and music projects to offer a rapid insight into their current offerings.  Delegates of Classical:NEXT 2020 can travel the world through this year's Project Pitches. The Jury has selected 14 pitches from 12 countries, that explore groundbreaking operas, cross-cultural ensembles, unknown musical traditions and reinterpretations of bygone musical eras.
The Project Pitches will take place in the Willem Burger Zaal in De Doelen on Monday and Wednesday, 18 & 20 May 2020.  
Classical:NEXT 2020 will also debut Tech Pitches, providing projects that involve music technology a dedicated platform on which to promote their services - stay tuned for further announcements.



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