BAYREUTH BAROQUE Opera Festival will be on in September



The BAYREUTH BAROQUE Opera Festival will open as planned with the premiere of Nicola Antonio Porpora’s Carlo il Calvo on September 3rd at the Margravial Opera House, Bayreuth. The festival programme, which also offers concerts in the Bayreuth City and Castle Church, will end on September 13th with a second performance of Leonardo Vinci's Gismondo, Re di Polonia.

To provide both the visitors and the artists with a first-class baroque art experience, BAYREUTH BAROQUE has developed a comprehensive plan to ensure our audiences’ safety, including the state-of-the-art air-conditioning system of the theatre itself, “choreographed” means of entering and leaving the auditorium, and large outdoor areas for use during intervals (rules for implementing these contingencies were developed with the support of an external team of experts; the latest information on the situation can be found on the website
. Artistic Director Max Emanuel Cencic has requested that all the visitors and musicians, excluding singers and wind-players, should wear face-masks during performances. In this way, BAYREUTH BAROQUE hopes to ensure, as far as possible, a musical experience free of health concerns.

By bringing the first season of the International Festival of Opera Seria BAYREUTH BAROQUE to the Margravial Opera House, 2020 sees the inauguration of another world-class festival in the city. Countertenor, director, and producer Max Emanuel Cencic, having convinced the city authorities of the value and importance of this new baroque festival in a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, has been appointed Artistic Director for the next three years.



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